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About Us
  • Alansoon Trading Company is a Saudi Joint Company, closed established in 2002, offering a number of integrated solutions for security and safety through its various products and services Including: Supply, installation, operation and maintenance in accordance with the rules and policies of international quality management "ISO", and requirements of civil defense in Saudi Arabia.
  • The company has executed many projects for various governmental sectors and leading companies, in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Our Vision
  • A leading global partner in the field of security and safety.
Our Message
  • Make the community aware of the importance of safety and security procedures to save people and properties through providing a wide range of smart solutions to cope with Kingdom Vision 2030.
Our Target
  • Provide best and latest safety and security products that enhances people’s life.
  • Looking forward to spread our message for all people seeking to save their life and protect their properties.
  • Being a leader in safety and security advisory services in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Committed to apply world-class standards for our products and services to meet customers' ambitions and expectations.
Commitment to our customers to contribute in performance evaluation and calibration of our products.
Ensure existence of a secure environment to get customer satisfaction.
We provide opportunities for employee to achieve goals and participate in initiative and innovation.

To protect individuals and properties from day-to-day foreseeable issues that have effect on their safety and security

Our News
Company Development Forum

Alanesoon company set up the develop company forum on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at the Le Meridien Hotel Riyadh, All employees were present, led by CEO Mr. Muhammad Abu Haider.

The forum began with an opening speech by the Director of Public Relations Ms. Ouhood Al-Mufarrej. She indicated...

Contract for the new Taif Mall project to install Solar Energy Systems

The our company signed a contract for the new Taif Mall project to install solar energy systems and assist in generating electricity, which is to be constructed during the next phase, and it is a large project as the capacity of this part of the project is 2 megawatts.

Whereas that the proj...

Our Products
Our Services
Preview the project location
  •  When the client requests for our services we preview inspected the project location, and then receive the request through the customer relationship system of the company. 
  •  Then we visit the site and carry out the required inspection by the technical staff in coordination with the client. 
  •  A technical and financial quote is then presented to the client.
Design your project
  •  We provide services related to the design of all light current systems as per project requirements.
  •  We also design and approve fire alarm and fire alarms at the offices approved by the Directorate of Civil Defense. 
  •  Supply of products required for the project.
Post-sale support

We are distinguished by providing support services and follow-up process after sales (maintenance), our customer service team communicates directly with the customer to ensure our business lasts for more than one calendar year.

Bid across the site
We have activated a request for quotation service through the official website in order to quickly communicate with customers.
Our Projects
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