Green Energy City institution and Alanesoon Trading Company sign a cooperation agreement to operate solar energy

A cooperation contract was signed with the Green Energy City institution and specialists in the field of renewable energy by providing efficient and high quality solution, our vision here is to be together an ideal reference and source of renewable energy, using modern technologies to reach a clean green pollution-free environment, with the aim of:

  1. Pollution management and access to a clean environment
  2. Participation in education society in the optimal use of energy
  3. Contribution to reliance on renewable source of energy
  4. Contribution to increase energy production
  5. Contribution to Studies, Research, and Innovation in renewable energy
  6. Contribution to upgrading of the system through studies and development
  7. Employment opportunities of young people.
  8. National industry
  9. Training professional technicians able to cope with the labor market
  10. Providing business opportunities within this project such as: manufacturing solar panels and providing them with support through funding
  11. Participation with education community to provide specialties in renewable energy to meet the demands of labor market

One of the most areas we offer in achieving of our objectives:

  1. Innovate solar consulting and solution:
  • Finding the best solutions and consulting in the use of solar energy
  • To addressing energy rationalization and providing alternative solution
  1. Design, Implementation and Maintenance:
  • Design of solar and wind systems with the best techniques and high accuracy
  • Instillation of energy system of the highest quality and application of relevant legislation and standard
  • Maintenance of energy system
  1. Research and development laboratory:
  • Studies, Innovation and Invention
  • To attract researchers exports and talented people